Reformed Internet Care / ILG (Introdiuction) 

The Pastoral Internet Care has a well documented background made, by scientists for years.
Evolution of the Pastoral Internet Care

The churches appearing on the internet initial the beginner step. The practice was the compilation of sides introducing themselves. This restricted to the sheer appearance and useful information. Furthermore, different texts were made public, conferences and essential content service appeared on the website. This is good because believes are given the opportunity to face profane sides for the browsers, and encounter the Bible and the pastors’ writings.
Spiritual caring : „peculiarities of the work medium”, primarily we don’t have to think of the knowledge with a computerized concern so much, but onto complex phenomena like that, that span the theology, the informatics, the sociology, and on the areas of the psychology. The complex view indispensable, a summary like that developed into definition by today that includes the totality of different areas of service. These it is possible to group his partition so:

  1. Divided into the communicational circles, – certain „lead time” working (e.g.: email) assistance
  2. The real-time helping contact: chat client, internet telephone= skype, where everything happens in „sharp” one.
  3. This 1-2. combinations, uniform we may catch it the 3rd one way the SMS/MMS spiritual care, we breaks down into communicational circles likewise, after all onto real-time assistance capable.

Some „virtual” spiritual care forms demand specific preparation, and somebody else-and so poses challenges to the spiritual caretakers. The cyber area has general necessities, which are valid for some types of the virtual spiritual care equally,, although the single areas demand different preparation and an attitude.
The man opens so new perspectives for him, which was locked away early, on the one hand from before the everyday man,
on the other hand the man with uniform enthusiasm, „getting surprised” receives the much information, just is able to keep it with the full capacity of the attention until long time before the screen because of this. The virtual world provides a specific medium for the spiritual care. Many rules work some other way because of our everyday life, as a result of this differently in his bases, than we got used to it. The net may take his prisoners prisoner, just because of this important, in the interest of the healthy balance, a healthy real background, with suitable connection systems, and with existential conditions. Statistics justify that much of their work is caught in this context because of the beginnings already for the Internet spiritual care. In Reformed Mission Centre.(RMK) owing skype (Internet phone) spiritual care 2010. August takes the road from 1 practically. A participant believer, „voluntary colleagues” emerged from employees on the different area of the life in two trainings. RMK and Gyökössy Institution belonging to Reformed Churche the background of the training.
Instructing officers: Mr. János Tóth reformed clergyman headmaster, family therapist, supervisor and Mrs. Jánosné Révész Dr. a missionary clergyman, supervisor made it. The colleagues’ training continuous, it newly for candidates.

Our service is concentrated on four main problem groups where we wish to be on a sign the to us for turnings:

  1. Human contacts
  2. The concerns of the personality
  3. Of faith, with a church related questions
  4. Other: information.

The Christian missions in the sense of directives, we are accountable, that the many times, the some other way, let us extend effective help by other device in the interest of not reached people nation, that in the „virtual life” medium, it let users be allowed to go through real help. The Christian man offers his hand shows for his fellow-man, with this a religion about
„…et us do good to all…:” (Gal 6:10)
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„You also must be ready…” (LK. 12:40)  „Whoever acknowledges me before men…” (MT. 10:32).

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